An interesting worldwide survey conducted on behalf of Dell Technologies found that Gen-Zers evaluate their IT proficiencies as high and are eager to work in a top cutting edge technology environment. 52% admitted they had the technical expertise employers want, yet there was uncertainty if they had the required soft skills. Only 43% of the people surveyed said they prefer communicating with their coworkers in-person over any other method. The worldwide increased awareness to youngsters’ mental health and well-being should involve personalized digital dialogue systems which by a touch of a finger will provide an individual with immediate emotional assistance and add an enlightening self-reflection of the user’s situation. Z-lennials will be able to operate these systems not only for emotional ease but also to try and overcome the difficulty of communicating face-to-face. The online digital road to the Generation Z’ers hearts can light the way to improving their offline communicating skills while relieving any related anxiety.