What to expect from using the CommReady app?

November 16, 2021

The CommReady app helps prepare for conversations you dread, which you will usually try to avoid. The chatbot guides you through the process of understanding the situation better, improving your decision-making, and getting ready for the conversation.

Whether you have already installed the CommReady app on your smartphone or are about to do so, you must be wondering how can CommReady’s “Precon” app help you. We want to provide you with a valuable digital companion. One that will assist you before having a conversation that you find too hard to carry out.

What is a challenging conversation?

That depends on how a particular conversation worries you. For instance, some people will dread speaking with their boss about the desired salary raise. Others may fear speaking to their loved ones about the regular house chores. Another example may seem surprising, but many people out there will avoid seeing their doctor simply because it involves face-to-face interaction.

What turns a conversation hard?

It is genuinely personal; there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Suppose you cannot bear the idea of having an inevitable conversation with another person, whether there is a conflict or not. In that case, you are most likely experiencing discomfort, maybe even anxiety, building up a stressful feeling overall. We have developed the CommReady app especially to confront those toxic feelings. Once you sign up, our chatbot will help you find the path to ease the controversy.

How can CommReady’s app help?

CommReady’s app offers a user-friendly chatbot that guides you to reaching and understanding the root of an issue you are facing. The bot will take you on a short quest to confront the difficulties and distressing feelings a future conversation brings along. We strongly recommend that you commit to the process, as this will enable possibilities you may have overlooked, and it will support you in gradually building resilience.

How to keep calm before an upcoming conversation?

Unfortunately, we do not have the manual to your heart or feelings; otherwise, we would provide the precise instructions for you to configure your emotions and overcome the anxiety.
What we can recommend is to practice your communication skills with CommReady’s Chatbot. Prepare for future conversations so that they do not take you by surprise and weaken you. Most of all, it will allow you to let those demons go.

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